Sacrificing the Ego

It has been a while now since the introductory lean-start up workshop, but everything that we covered is still relevant today, especially considering the recent formation of our project teams. For the startup exercise I was in a team of four, with international team members from a variety of different cultural and industrial backgrounds. Aside […]

Problem Framing and Creative Confidence

At the end of the MACE enrolment week, on Friday and Saturday I attended a two-day workshop on Lean Start-Ups focused on the topic of finance and money. The class was led by Janja Song and Dan Lockton, and consisted of an introduction to design thinking in the context of researching, brainstorming and then prototyping […]

Getting Settled

Hi there. I’m a 24 year old law undergrad, with a postgraduate diploma in Filmmaking and a penchant for all things photographic and visually delicious – particularly when I’m the one behind the camera. Just last week I moved with my two younger brothers into our new home in Hampton Wick, and while I’ve traded […]