Design-Thinking Reflections

We are now officially at the end of our ‘Design Thinking’ module, and it has been quite the experience. Coming onto the MACE program with almost no understanding of what it means to start a business, I have made significant progress, reaching a point where my team ‘Emperatigo’ have been selected to pitch at the […]

Lessons Learned

Over the last two blogs I had a look at how companies manage their teams to maximize useful creative output in their operations, but something kept bugging me.. I understand and appreciate all the points that my research uncovered, but they simply don’t seem to directly apply to my business. As a start up, Fairlight […]

Managing For Creativity | 2 of 2

Now lets go a little deeper into the points identified in part 1. How do we put creative people in a position where they can be the most productive?   1 – Stimulate their minds To quote The Harvard Business Review, ‘the most fitting thanks for a job well done is an even more challenging […]

Managing For Creativity | 1 of 2

It is becoming widely recognised that for the majority of businesses, creative capital is a company’s most important resource. The digital era and expansive growth of the knowledge economy bring with them a plethora of opportunities to seize and hurdles to overcome, and successful innovation in these areas is driven by individuals who can be challenged […]

The Key to Good Teamwork

Yesterday marked the final volleyball game of the season for my team. We were undefeated in our league, and only dropped one for the duration of the league. Now, our success was obviously down to a number of factors, and the team has a number of very strong players making us clear contenders for the top, but many of the other […]

The Future is Virtually a Reality

As part of the Kingston University Bright Ideas competition, I entered a business idea with my classmate and associate, Fernando Trueba. Over the Trigger weekend and the weeks leading up to the final, we discussed a concept that had been in my peripherals for a while – Virtual Reality Live Studio Sessions. Running a start-up music Studio, […]

Fairlight so Far – 2 of 2

…and here’s the final instalment of this fairlight reflection. For the expansion plan of the studio business to work properly we need to identify and establish channels of customers to feed our pipeline – thank you to David Knull for getting me thinking about all this and for bestowing upon me a sliver of your sales wisdom. […]